Based in India,

I'm a Flutter and

Full Stack Web Developer.

Hey, I build websites and mobile applications in less time and with less code. I'm a self-taught developer and I'm always learning new things. I love to work on challenging projects and I'm always open to new opportunities.



What I Do?

Mobile Application

I make beautiful cross-platform mobile application using Flutter. I can publish on behalf of you or your organization on both Play Store and App Store.

Web Development

I am a Full Stack Web Developer. I can make you Fully responsice, custom designed, SEO friendly webpage with a backend if necessary.


Do you do that one thing on your device so often? You deserve better... I can make you a a script to automate it. No promise's tho...😉


Coolest Ever


Project Agile


Mobile app for tracking your goals and habits with a added kick. Set your goals, Pay some money and get the money back once you complete the goal

Project eduserveMinimal


Karunyan's have a portal for checking student status, this is a mobile app for the website as the website is not optimized for mobile phones.

Project portfolio


This site

Project product scrapper

Product Scrapper

A android app for scrapping e-stores and provide the results in a list view

Project keys


Mobile app to securely manage credit/debit cards and bank account details locally

Project eduService


Karunyans have a student portal called "Edu Serve" which contains student informations. This project provides the attendance percentage to the students via mail which is scrapped from the site


Some Questions


What softwares do I make?

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I usually make applications for Android and iOS but I also make applications for desktops using python. Let's hope Flutter gets full support for desktop 🤞.


Will you provide the source code?

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YES. Since you are the owner of the idea, upon your request I can provide you with a one-time full backup of your website at no cost. Additional backups will be charged only a minimal.


Can you help me with buying domain?

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Affirmative. I can buy you domain with no additional cost.


Will you help me deploy my product?

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Ofcourse. I can deploy the product for the first time for no cost provided that you already have a domain or developer account. Further deployment and managing the releases will be done with minimal cost.


Can you fix my printer?

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